Old Boys School Reunion is a sketch from the BBC comedy The Two Ronnies, first broadcast on 14 October 1972. It features two men reminiscing while attending a school reunion.


After a close up of an old photograph of a school sport team, the shot cuts to a wide view of the room - two angled walls with a smaller wall at the far end, with an open window. In the foreground, a man standing with his back to the camera wearing a pale blue jacket and cream trousers (Skaife), lifts a green cricket bag from a table and places it on the floor to his right, before walking off to the left, just as a man wearing a dark jacket and cream trousers (Banyard), climbs in through the window with a dark blue cricket bag.

On noticing the other man, Banyard apologises, stating he came in through the window as the door was locked. Skaife reveals he locked it, in order to find a few moments of tranquility, because he finds reunions very moving, prompting Banyard to reveal he came in for the same reason. After Banyard sits down, he remarks that the other man looks familiar.

After the pair identify themselves, the begin talking about fellow pupil Arthur Pringle, and how the fact he had a chitty to keep his vest on in gym class lead Skaife to believe he was actually a girl. Banyard then remarkes that Pringle was a good cricketer.

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