After the opening titles, the pair welcome the audiance - and each other - before Ronnie Barker claims that this was actually the second show, with the first being the Eurovision Song Contest, with both Ronnies playing all the parts. When Ronnie Corbett remarkes that he played Clodagh Rodgers, Barker replies that he won, before stating that this was easier than the 'Cassisus-Frazier fight' they had performed the month before. Corbett then briefly explained the reasoning behind the name of the show. After a quick sketch featuring Corbett as a returning traveller, and Barker as a Customs Officer, the pair give a quick rundown on historical programmes due on the BBC, followed by a news report put together in a hurry, which ends with Barker announcing that it is time to examine the state of the party. This leads to The first sketch of the series.

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