The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town (1976) is a Jack the Ripper parody in which a mysterious figure goes around blowing raspberries at members of the upper classes, written by Spike Milligan and Ronnie Barker, but credited as "Spike Milligan and a Gentleman".


  1. The story was originally conceived as a TV special for Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe & Spike Milligan, to be produced by Peter Eton, their old Goon Show producer. Plans for the project were cancelled due to Peter Sellers' Hollywood commitments. The Phantom finally saw the light of day in an episode of Six Dates with Barker, broadcast on 15 January 1971, with Alan Curtis playing the role of The Phantom.
  2. The raspberries were done by Barker's friend David Jason.
  3. This entire section of sketches was included in Milligan's book "I Told You I Was Ill".
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